Meet Our Team

Chief Visionary Officer

Amyas M., originally from Dorchester, is a film and live event producer. He served as a project manager at VDA, a scenic design shop in Somerville, a blog writer for Boston Compass Newspaper, and vice president of Brain Arts. He’s a member of the Network for Arts Administrators of Color, Secret Society of Black Creatives, Ujima, Habitats for Humanity, and IATSE. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Boston Little Saigon, is the leader of What’s Happening Boston, and is a key member of the steering committee of the Dorchester Art Project. He is a DJ/dancer apprentice for Zingela Arts Collab (South Africa). He believes “artists are people first, so, at DAP, I help people develop their creative and leadership skills with the hope that they'll be able to increase their ability to generate more revenue and/or joy.”

Director of Partnerships and Strategic Planning

HAAWWS, both artist and businessman from Roxbury, Massachusetts. Multifaceted, the artist has made an indelible mark on New England's music scene all while running an organization, dedicated to empowering communities through innovative outreach programs and engaging initiatives. In addition to public engagements, the foundation provides invaluable technical assistance to local artists and non-profit organizations, offering guidance on everything from music publishing to grant writing. He believes “DAP is the future of arts & culture.” He currently lives in Dorchester.

Director Of Operations

Robert Kelley-Morgan, a veteran talent manager hailing from Roxbury is CEO of PUTINWORK (an independent entertainment company) that services artists, creators, and businesses in Boston and beyond. According to Rob, “DAP will be able to service and elevate artists in Boston and beyond for a very long time with the right vision, execution, and management”. He currently lives in Dorchester.

Chief Financial Officer

Lina M. Cañon, MBA, originally from Bogotá, Colombia is a founding partner at Nur Group. She currently serves on the Board of Bikes Not Bombs, volunteers with Dorchester Bike Kitchen, serves on the advisory council member of Union Capital Boston, and teaches at Suffolk University. Lina is “committed to culture and talent retention in Dorchester, especially one that promotes BIPOC leadership.” She currently lives in Dorchester.

Director of Programming and Artist Relationships

Stephen Lafume, is an advocate for community well-being and creative entrepreneurship, and has a multifaceted background that reflects a commitment to social impact and individual expression. Born and raised in Boston in a large Haitian family, Stephen learned the value of perseverance, interdependence, and joy from a young age. These core values were the catalyst for ventures into community organizing and entrepreneurship, platforms that have allowed Stephen to advocate for community betterment and combat violence on a broader scale. Whether through organizing community events or spearheading initiatives for social change, Stephen seeks to make a lasting impact by blending creativity with purpose.

Chief Governance Officer

Adrián Roberto Román (he/el), is a cooperative organizer and believes that prioritizing the culture of the team and relationship to the community leads to resilient organizations that can adapt and care for those involved. Adrián feels that art is a way to shift culture and speak clearly what is and what is needed. He founded Roman Ventures, is a co-owner of Colmenar Consulting Cooperative, a certified mediator, an authorized teacher of Full Presence Mindfulness and a member owner of Boston Leaders and Artists Cooperative. He is from Miami, FL, of Cuban and Chilean descent and his culture and family history informs his approach.